The “Salubong” rites in Mogpog are held twice within the Holy Week. The first “Salubong” is done on a Holy Monday around four o’clock in the afternoon. Two groups of procession coming from different places meet at a place called “Amargura”. One group of men troops behind the image of the Jesus Nazarene and the other group of women behind the image of Mater Dolorosa. salubong

At the “Amargura”, the choir sings in verse from the book “Pasyong Mahal ni Jesus Nazareno”. This is a part where Virgin Mother and Jesus Christ meet and console each other of their sufferings.
The second “Salubong” is done in the early dawn of Easter Sunday depicting the meeting of the Sorrowful Mother and the risen Christ. Again, two groups of procession; one behind the image of Mater Dolorosa and the other behind the Ressurected Christ meet at the designated place called “Galilea”.
A little girl playing the role of an angel coming from heaven, singing “Alleluia” will unveil Mater Dolorosa upon meeting the Resurrected Son.
A little girl sings to the music of the band. A teenage boy chosen by the Hermano dances the “Bati” with a teenage girl.
Later, the two groups of procession will merge into one and return to the church for the mass while the church bells ring to announce the glory of Easter Sunday.