THE “MORIONES”           The Moriones first appeared in Mogpog in 1807 as initiated by the Parish Priest, Father Dionisio Santiago. This is the reason why Mogpog claimed to be the origin of Moriones. This tradition is observed by men, and now, even by some women during the Holy Week starting from Holy continue reading : MORIONES

Where To Go to

Balanacan Shrine Offshore from Balanacan Pier it’s fine nature harbor is an imposing statue of Ina ng Biglang Awa with it’s view deck. Can be good for souvenir photo shots. Natangco Island An eight-hectare islet with a short of powdery white sand that gradually slopes into the sea, also know as diver site


THE HOSANNA The singing of the Hosanna is on Palm Sunday. This is the day when the Christian world celebrates the triumphant entrance of the Lord to Jerusalem. We celebrate Palm Sunday as the Sunday before Jesus was to be crucified. “Hosanna” means “Praise God”. To the Jewish people, the waving of the palm branches continue reading : HOSANNA