Mogpog During the American Rule 

          The first Civil Government under the American administration was inaugurated in Manila in 1901. Consequently, local governments were recognized. Mr. Felix Garcia was appointed as the first town executive of Mogpog. He was succeeded by Mr. Emeterio Nuñez and Mr. Macario Arceo. During the last term of Mr. Macario Arceo in 1905, Mogpog was separated from Boac. From 1905 to 1909, Mr. Tomas Del Mundo and Mr. Pedro Madrigal, the Municipal Presidents of Boac, were also the town executives of Mogpog. In 1910, Mogpog regained her independence and Mr. Pedro Villaster was appointed as president. Local election was held for the first time in 1913 giving the residents of the municipality the chance to elect persons who will run the government; Mr. Regino Labao was elected president. Mogpog made progress in various aspects of life. Local executives worked hard for the construction of more and better roads in the poblacion as well as in the barrios.  Transportation of farm products was easy and cheap. Concrete and semi-permanent school buildings sprang up. Education was extended to all children of all school age having a steady rise in school population every year.  People were economically self-sufficient. Better methods of agriculture resulted in greater yield. Although local  production was not enough, there was an adequate supply of imported cereals to meet local demands. The output of copra increased and had become a leading export of the town of Lucena and Manila. People gained interest in business by putting stores similar to Chinese stores in town. The operation of the Taluntunan Iron Mines created jobs for the townspeople that lessened unemployment. The outbreak of the Pacific War however interrupted the rapid strides of this town towards progress and advancement.