From Manila, take a bus bound for Talao-Talao port in Lucena, quezon province, (ride will take 3 hours) with the following bus liners such as JAC Liner, JAM, Lucena Lines and van (door to door) that have a route to Lucena City/Marinduque Terminals can be located in Cubao, Kamias, Buendia-LRT and Turbina. At Talao-talao port in Lucena, there are ferries / RORO (Montenegro shipping lines or Starhorse shipping lines) bound to Marinduque (you can bring along your private vehicle), choose from two destination bound to Balanacan port in Mogpog or Cawit Boac, again it will take another 3 hours reaching Mariduque.


Van for hire:

Hearth of Island Travel and Tours

Terry Mansalapus

Contact No.: 09209065178

Luzon Datum Van Shuttle

Lito “Tolits” R. Revilla

Contact No.: 09205436332

PUV Jeep for Hire:

BMODA (Boac-Mogpog Operator’s and Driver’s Association)

Wilfredo “Walay” Mogol

Contact No.: 09205915252