Balanacan Shrine

Offshore from Balanacan Pier it’s fine nature harbor is an imposing statue of Ina ng Biglang Awa with it’s view deck. Can be good for souvenir photo shots.

Natangco Island

An eight-hectare islet with a short of powdery white sand that gradually slopes into the sea, also know as diver site

Luzon Datum of 1911

In 1906, the United State Coast and Geodetic Survey (USGS) now National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), established a geodetic marker drilled in a cubic meter of diorite rock on top of a mountain located at the boundaries of Brgy. Argao, Hinanggayon and Silangan. This geodetic marker is important for mapmakers hence as point number one. Luzon Datum of 1911 has first level accuracy.

Balanacan View Deck

Offer a birds eye-view of panoramic land and escapes of Balanacan Cove, a natural harbor that prompted the Spanish Navy to repair and build galleons and almirantas during the 17th century and was the site of air and naval battle during the second Word War.

Paadjao Cascades

Located in Barangay Bocboc is a refreshing 100 ft. water cascade on diorite rock along forest trees with a natural pool as the falls, can be reach by 10 minute little uphill trek from the barangay road.

Mount Lumandas

The highest mountain in the town which stand like sentinel, forms a beautiful background of the town suitable for hiking and camping ground.

Tarug Rock Formation

Three chambered cave in lime stone formation, Rise steeply to more than 900 ft. from the ground can be found at Barangay Tarug in this town. Pinnate is barely 3 sqm.

Camarines Cave

Believe to be the hideout of the insurectos during the Spanish revolution.